plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds
plant seeds vegetable seeds flower seeds

PLANTICO seeds of plants, flowers,
gardening vegetables Poland



A Polish breeding and seed company with a long tradition. From 01/04/2020, thanks to the merger with Polan Kraków and Spójnia Nochowo, PlantiCo offers a wide range of vegetable seeds, flowers and herbs of the PlantiCo, Polan and Spójnia brands, including many varieties of own breeding, in company packaging, for wholesalers and retailers as well as large-scale producers. The offer of seeds currently includes over 800 items, including 382 own varieties of vegetables and 233 varieties of flowers in the Variety Register. Our activity also includes production nursery material, trees, shrubs, perennials and bedding flowers - KZD Nowy Dwór plant.

Every year we introduce interesting new varieties. Many of them became hits on the market horticulture and found recognition among producers and amateurs. We work with Institutes, Universities and Agricultural Advisory Centers throughout the country.

We have hundreds of regular wholesale and retail customers. We work with authorized garden wholesalers and supermarket chains throughout the country.

Materials outputs for production come from our own breeding, which guarantees full varietal purity. Seed production is carried out on the company's land, at the premises of proven producers and abroad, under the full control of our specialists.

Our seeds are under constant laboratory control. They are highly appreciated by producers of the horticultural industry, by the market processing and scientific and advisory centers. The awards and distinctions received, among others emblem of Agro Polska, Gold Medals of Polagra, Best in Poland.

The sales offer includes a wide range of horticultural plant seeds in company packaging (including inlaid seeds, hermetically packed seeds).

We especially recommend the varieties established and hybrid of own breeding:
- Tomato - Babinicz, Mieszko F1, Chrobry F1, Jutrosz F1, Awizo F1, Krakus, Poranek, Lubań, Malinowy Warszawski, Malinowy Retro, Maliniak
- Red pepper: Bogna, Gloria, Lena, Iga, Balladyna, Kaskada, Tsarina F1, Mercedes F1; yellow: Oliwia, Calipso, Lamia
- Onion - Bila, Majka, Vectra F1, Ławica, Wola, Petra F1, Polanowska, red Wenta, Scarlet and white Alibaba
- Red beetroot - cylindrical: Opolski, Rywal, Tytus; round: Polglob F1, Astar F1, Nochowski, Chrobry, Karmazyn, Betako F1
- Field cucumber - Śremski F1, Śremianin F1, Polan F1, Sander F1, Soplica F1, Kajtek F1, Tymon F1, Aladyn F1
- Gherkin field cucumber - Gwidon F1, Kajtek F1, Tytus F1, Hugon F1
- Celery - Thaler, Makar, Denar
- Green beans - Casablanca, Majorca, Java, Urania, Malwina, Helena, Delfina, Arkana, Muza
- Yellow string beans - Daniela, Elektra, Korona, Liwia , Uniwersa, Undira, Goliath, Krakuska, Luiza
- Head cabbage - Stone Head, Ditmar's Earliest, Late Charade F1, Replica F1, Opalo F1, Corundum F1, Jasper F1 - Cabbage Pekingese - Elza F1, Polstar F1
- Lettuce in many varieties and types.

Plantico We recommend seeds in the series:
• Standard vegetables and flowers,
• Organic seeds (BIO),
• Garden out of this world (seeds of interesting, little-known species and varieties of vegetables),
• Herbal garden (herbs useful in cooking and medicine),
* Antioxidants (vegetables with pro-health properties)
* Microlistles (for year-round cultivation in containers)
* Coated seeds
* Seeds on a water-soluble tape
• Seeds for sprouts,
• Seeds on a disc,
• grass mixtures lawns,
• catch crops,
and new - mushrooms (mycelium grafted on pins and mycelium with substrate). and sought-after varieties from other Polish and foreign companies. In order to reach customers even better, there is an online store at where it is available there is the entire range of seeds from PlantiCo Zielonki. We encourage all potential partners to cooperate, which may result in mutual benefits in the future. As breeders of new varieties and traders, we are open to any comments and suggestions at our address.

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